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Welcome To Viswakarma Sanadhana Dharma Trust

Viswakarma Community always had an inseparable connection to spirituality which is a matter of elation and pride. Viswakarma is not a name of a caste. The Vedas refer Viswakarmas as Poushya Brahmans, which means a person with high creativity. Though Viswa Brahmans / Poushya Brahmans were people with creativity and were born in all castes and races, they were identified to be belonging to a separate caste after caste system arrived to take a firm root in the Indian society.

Our Success Couples

We are happy that we met each other through Viswakarma Vivaagam matrimony and got in touch through phone .We had a mutual understanding ....

“Marriage is a social union or legal contract between individuals that creates kinship. It is. an institution in which interpersonal relationships acknowledged in a variety .....

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